The work of one is the work of everyone - the Collective Unconscious. Few dare to explore the depths that Betty Paz regularly mines for her exquisite Mandalas. Illuminating the path between the conscious and unconscious, she brings us to the brink of our true reality and urges us to step off. The art of Betty Paz is a sacred journey home. 

Betty Paz

Betty Paz

Betty Paz is a Canadian visual artist, originally from Venezuela, currently living in Winnipeg, MB. but more importantly, she is a human being who has been exploring the Self, the individuation process, and the big questions that face humanity.

She began her individuation process several years ago, with a Jungian psychologist in Venezuela. During this period, she was introduced to dream work, active imagination, and mandalas, the latter having the greatest influence on her personal development.  

As I committed to working with the unconscious, the richness and vastness of the inner world opened to me, and expanded my creative side, and a bridge was built between my outer and inner worlds. 

My artwork has been ignited by the work of C.G.Jung, and by the mysterious elements that makes us who we are.


Archetypal Art

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By going deep within, we find the path to our own story. This way, we are capable of transforming our own lives, thus transforming the Collective.

My art is the result of that journey: Listening to the Unconscious in order to integrate the totality of my Self.


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