Mandala Art Session


My Mandala ART provides a glimpse into who we really are, what our life story truly is, and what our soul hungers to become. 

As a visual artist with a healing-intuitive gift, I offer heart-centred interactions using my artistic skills to create a Mandala from my Soul's response.  By exploring the mandala together, we find an entry point to a more genuine life, as our story, soul, and life's meaning unfolds. 

Sessions are in person or via Skype. For more information and my fee schedule, email me at

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Samples of Mandala Art and Archetypal Impression. 

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How many of your conversations in a day are real?  My mandala art time with Betty reminded me of what authentic words are about. She felt into her experience of me and fashioned an image from that experience which reflected who I am and what I value.  You might call it mirroring from inside the heart. Discussing the image she drew and painted, based on her interior impressions of me, grounded us in a rich dialogue about where my life is at the moment and where it is going. The soul is nourished by a slice of real in a time of thin, multitasking mania.  Betty is an honest, solid, insightful, and inspiring original.  Thank you, Betty.

J.Gary Sparks. Jungian Analyst. United States.


Mandala Art

*All Images are done on a 9 X 12" watercolour paper. Size of the image could change by request, note that this will affect current fee. 

Soul Talk

Individual perspectives of my Mandala Art and session:

"When I viewed my mandala and listened to what Betty had to say, my spirit resonated in concordance. It was like receiving an affirmation, a corroboration of inner emotional processes and intuitions that I was experiencing at that moment. What I saw in my beautiful mandala was a spiritual map that represented my centre. In a mysterious way it was like observing a portrait of my own formless essence."

Débora Cardaci. Contemporary Artist. Argentina + Canada.


"Although I confess that I was originally drawn to the beauty of Betty’s mandalas, what I found was that the mandala she channeled for me was a doorway to a powerful psychic reading that was not only bang on but uplifting and reaffirming.   There are many roads to the truth but only one truth. This is one of those roads…"

Heather Bishop. CM, OM, LLD (Hon) Renaissance Woman. Canada.