Carl G. Jung - from Man and His Symbols: 

"They are, at the same time, images and emotions. One can speak of an archetype only when these two aspects are simultaneous ... by being charged with emotions, the image gains numinosity (or psychic energy); it becomes dynamic, and consequences of some kind must flow from it."

"They are pieces of life itself - images that are integrally connected to the living individual by the bridge of the emotions. "


Archetypal Art

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Do I have the emotional experience of my soul's path which will keep me, as an individual, from dissolving in the crowd?


Archetypal Art is my name for images, patterns, and symbols that come straight from what C.G. Jung would call the Collective Unconscious. 

From my experiences in Jungian analysis, I've learned techniques that have given me the discipline to draw, paint, observe, study, and reflect on images that come to mind. I understand them as contents of the unconscious. I've learned to pay attention and respect these images, realizing the value that the interaction contributes to understanding mySelf and others.

The Archetypes are the result of the Individuation Process. At present, there are 74 Archetypal Images corresponding to the patterns of the structure of the psyche. I am focusing on a set of  7 images first - click here - in which you can experience the Self-regulated process of the psyche. They can be used individually, and when observed in sequence, you can see the journey to Self-realization, or as Joseph Campbell called it, The Hero's Journey.

Based on my own experience with Jungian analysis, I believe in the potential these Archetypes have to be a useful tool for psychologists; also for people who are awakening within, to stir the knowledge that lies deep and dormant.


Archetypal Art

All rights reserved 2016.

A therapeutic - healing tool. Art - Analytical Psychology and Spirituality.


"Life will always restore itself, one soul at a time."