Sacred Symbols

- work in progress -

The Feminine as the source of life, where I come from, what sustains me and where I’m going. Deep inside of me the secrets of the soul reveal themselves surrounded by the mystery of life. In the search for meaning and connection the soul draws me in, awakening my curiosity and sense of awe. It moves me, elevates me, transforms me, unifies me and rekindles my capacity to relate. It reminds me that life wants to be experienced and the Creation wants to be incarnated, generated, conceived, continued, redeemed in my soul, in every soul… One soul at the time.

Human beings have always manifested the need to express what lies in the deepest parts of themselves, their essence. The symbols that we find at the core of different religions throughtout the world, calling our attention and awakening a sense of awe and devotion, have their root in The Feminine. Eternal and ever present, taking us beyond the physical and carnal, transforming the fire in salvation.

The sequence of symbols present below appeared in dreams and visions, as part of my Individuation Process.

In the words of the Jungian Analyst Edward F. Edinger, on the 1994 interview An American Jungian:

“The great service that Jung has performed by his discovery of the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypes and the Self, he’s penetrated to the psychological Source and basis that underlies all of the world religions.

He’s verified and redeemed for modern consciousness the validity and reality of the religious operations as they express themselves in all religions.  That’s been achieved!  I don’t think we can appreciate the magnitude of that achievement, because what it means is that the psychological basis has been laid for a unified world.  We’ve got the basis now for unification of all of the factional divisions among the world religions.  Once that is achieved, I think political unification is bound to follow.  It’s been accomplished!  One man has done it!.”


Eternal Knot

The Eternal Knot reminds us that deep inside we are all intertwined with one another. That I am in constant communication with all living beings. When I learn how to see my inner light, incarnate, the whole cosmos is transformed. The work of one is the work of everyone. The human being through the psyche becomes the voice of all the species. Creator and creation give continuity to life.


Cosmic Order - Anthropos

As a human being representing the cosmos, I remember my place in the Universe. The secret order within the chaos. My inner and outer world in unison. Creator and creation. Coming from the darkness to the light. From the four directions I recognized my place and responsibility on the earth.


Shell - Sound of Silence

The sound we learn to listen to, whenever we go deep within to explore ourselves. Insight, stillness, calmness. The space becomes vast, the limits are blurry and in a sea I float, letting myself be guided by life’s current. This is the space where silence reveals its portencial. The darkness that many fear. The void that is looking back at me.


Serpent - Redemption

It is here that what was left unfinished, redeems itself. The Feminine, sensual, earthy soul finds its way back to the Iight. A transformation that takes me back to wisdom.


Lotus - Flower of Life

The flower of life. Delicate, sublime and with a strength that is only achieve through vulnerability. To continue alive it requires the protection of a human being. Forever pregnant with potential, with the light of the Self. The World Soul, it’s essence ever present although not visible. The beloved and the lover. Fertility, continuation, life.


Star - Destiny

The individual destiny of every human being. The magnet that pulls you, calls you, seduces you and obsesses you with its magnetism. The destiny that when unconscious becomes a burden and takes us in an unconscious way through detours, that in one way or another, help to fullfill its purpose. The individual destiny that gives life continuation.The way that only I can create, where Creator and Creation transform themselves simultaneously.


Caduceus - Life Force - The eye of Nature

It took Nature many years to develop an eye that could reflect. To look at itself, explore itself, understand itself and elevate itself. The interaction between the feminine and masculine principle. The encounters from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. Never ending, repetitive and in constant transformation, that’s the human being. That is my human essence and to that extend the responsability of not only knowing but being part of everything and feel everything inside you. The totality, the Self wants to be incarnated not just known.


Beetle - Regeneration

The capacity to generate and regenerate, of letting the Ego die and see the birth of the Self. Ego consciouness and Self consciouness perspectives united as one. To percibe from the totality, from the objective psyche. The many and constant deaths and rebirths of everything at every level. From the space in between each thought, as imperceptible as it may seem, to the moments of patiently waiting for things to be digested, transformed and turned into soil for new life to begin. From darkness to light. From the depths we generate life and everything, everything has a function and participates in the cycles of life.


Sapientia Dei

This Symbol seals the rest of the symbols present above. Here we find the relation between the rational and irrational. From the irrational, logic is born. From imperfection to perfection. The capacity to not being able to measure with exact presicion, to control, or trap the great and deep mystery of being. The soul protected, cultivated, sacred, queen of it all. All the veils fall down, the imagination surrounding everything, the path created by the heart.


Sol et Luna - Coniunctio


Cosmic Egg - Feminine Consciousness


Kundalini - Libido

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