Mandala Healing Art


"[Jung told me] how his work as a healer did not take wing ... until he realized that the key to the human personality was its story. Every human being at core, he held, had a unique story and no man could discover his greatest meaning unless he lived and, as it were, grew his own story. Should he lose his story or fail to live it, he lost his meaning, became disorientated, the collective fodder of tyrants and despots, or ended up, as so many did, alienated and out of their own minds, as had the patients in the Burghölzli Asylum to whom he owed this insight ..." Laurens van der Post, Testament to the Bushman (with Jane Taylor), p. 138

To hear our own voice has become difficult in today's society. The fast pace, and insatiable hunger for material possessions helps us avoid the growing abyss between the mind and the soul. Exhaustion, confusion, numbness, anxiety, and compulsion are right around the corner. Consuming massive amounts of information, we search for true knowledge, forgetting to live our biological truths, which makes it harder to feel grounded. We walk with no sense of purpose, without meaning, our egos too big to allow us to feel. We trap ourselves again and again. The voice within wants to be heard. A story that has yet to be told.

In the depths you'll find me ... in the shadow within you, and the power that unites us. The real you. 

"Less and less is [the modern person] capable of committing himself body and soul to the creative experiment that is continually seeking to fire him and to charge his little life with great objective meaning. Cut off by accumulated knowledge from the heart of his own living experience, [the modern person] moves among a comfortable rubble of material possession, alone and unbelonging, sick, poor, starved of meaning."  Laurens van der Post, The Heart of the Hunter, p. 138 

If we dive deep enough and face our fears, if we see our mistakes and failures as we attempt to locate our unique path, if we explore the potential that lies dormant within ourselves and the emotions that take us back to our instinctual awareness and forgotten history ... then we set free our innate capacity to create and procreate. If we take the time to reflect and to feel, to recognize the voice within - the voice of the soul - then we can heal and be born again, whole, as an individual who can bring meaning to the Collective.

From my perspective, the work done by Carl Jung left a solid and fertile ground for all of us to plant our seed and watch it grow. For me, it ignited a flame that cannot be put out. I found my natural essence. The feminine essence of a long lost soul that was trapped on the wrong side of the story. The eternal within me helps me to understand my earthly limits. The eternal within me reunites me with anything and everything. 

Working with the symbols within, we realize our potential to heal. Facing, feeling, embracing, and engaging our inner world helps us to integrate, expanding our understanding of the interactions present in our daily lives. 

"All characters play a part in the Universe, our Cosmic theatre. Rooted in my soul, my life begins anew. I give you meaning, you give me light. Life will restore itself, one soul at a time."

My process of creating a Mandala helps you to find your centre, and then expand from within. My Mandala Art creates a window for you to begin the process of connecting with your Soul.

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